The Indy Black Chamber of Commerce was established January 2015. We are established under the tax code of a 501c3. We have the Anderson Black Chamber of Commerce as our Partnering/Mentoring Organization.

Our mission is to serve as an information resource with developing Black Owned Businesses and educate and enhance the economic status of the Black Community while creating a positive community climate of intellectual exchange of goods and services with all businesses.

Our vision and purpose is to advocate for and to produce Black entrepreneurs for economic empowerment and to assist those willing to embrace a concept of lifelong learning.

Our goal is to work to bridge the gap of economic disparity within our community. We are creating advocates in our community to support a proactive plan of success in education, business and the political arena.

We have 12 committees to support the vision and mission city-wide:

  1. Advisory
  2. Budget
  3. Business & corporate Relations
  4. Business Advisory Council
  5. Community & Economic Development
  6. Education
  7. Events
  8. Fund Development
  9. Information Resource
  10. Membership
  11. Public Relations
  12. Political Information